Make Your Home Smell Like Fall!

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on October 25, 2016

Fall is definitely going strong and who doesn’t love the wonderful smells that Fall brings? If you are like me and you would love some of those smells at anytime on your home, then you will love these Fall recipes for your diffuser!  If you have any of your own blends you’d like to add let know..I love new recipes!

Don’t have a diffuser or essential oils yet? No problem, browse through the website for details about all the benefits of using Essential Oils and how you can get your own from the very best company in the world!  Not only do these blends smell amazing, but the health benefits of each of these oils are virtually endless!

Have questions? Click Here to ask me anything. I love helping folks bring wellness into their lives….it’s what I live for!

Here are some of my favorite old blends….

Mulled Cider: 4 drops Orange, 2 drops Nutmeg, 1 drop Cinnamon Bark, and 1 drop Clove

Thanksgiving: 4 drops Christmas Spirit, 3 drops Clove, 3 drops Lemon

Fall Leaves: 6 drops Orange, 1 drop Patchouli, 1 drop Ginger

Snickerdoodle: 5 drops Orange, 2 drop Cinnamon, 1 drop Clove

Pumpkin Pie: 2 drops Cardamom, 2 drops Cinnamon, 2 drops Nutmeg, 2 drops Ginger

Autumn Spice: 4 drops Orange, 3 drops Ginger, 3 drops Cinnamon

Spiced Cider: 4 drops Orange, 3 drops Cinnamon, 3 drops Ginger

Orange Spice: 2 drops Cardamom, 4 drops Orange

Sweater Weather: 5 drops Orange, 4 drops Thieves, 1 drop Ginger






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