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on May 5, 2017

Young Living May 2017 promotionFor those looking to get started on your wellness journey and grab your starter kit, you will get an extra oil for FREE!  Yes, that’s right, a 15ml bottle of Tangerine will be automatically given to all new members this month!

I love tangerine for its amazing properties which are good for emotional balance, immune system support, and even skin!

Want to know more about how to get started with a membership so you can not only get a starter kit which is over 1/2 price, you will also get 24% off all products….forever!   And when you are a member, you also get access to the monthly promotions to get FREE products each and every month.  See what the promotions are for this month below:

young living member promotions may 2017


5ml ORANGE VITALITY (ER Exclusive)  
A staple in our home for many reasons- I add it to my Thieves toothpaste to keep my smile bright, I drink it in my NingXia for full body wellness. I use it topically for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day. It’s tasty. It’s awesome. It helps keep you above the wellness line. You want Orange in your life.


15ml CITRONELLA (ER Exclusive)
Just in time for summer! Add this to a spray, apply on yourself, or do a DIY candle to enjoy the outdoors and keep those pests away. It’s also in Purification- so as you can imagine, it’s great for making stinky things not stinky anymore!

I love adding this to my Ningxia and/or water everyday! It’s packed with Monoterpenes and Limonene… and let me tell you, you should go google these constituents (and prepare to be amazed)! You want these in your system. Can also help a mama out if you have kiddos running around with pens drawing on walls and whatnot.  It’s also in the Thieves laundry soap so you can only imagine the cleaning properties this bad boy has. When thrown in the diffuser it can help uplift and stimulate and energize the body and mind.


Everything included at the 190 PV level, plus…

A SUPER fresh and clean smell, reminds me of eucalyptus. It has powerful cleaning properties, can support the immune and respiratory system, and can help create a clear headspace during meditation or when you need to concentrate. It’s in Snifflease from the KidScents line,  so it’s safe to use for those little respiratory systems. I love using this before a workout or in place of RC for myself.


Everything included at the 250 PV promo level, plus…

SO amazing for your skin! Anything. Everything. Use it. I recently added this to my skin care routine and I’m OBSESSED! I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my skin, especially my pores. I put a drop in my ART light moisturizer morning and night and order new bottles just about monthly, so I’m really excited to get one for free.

An amazing supplement for muscle and joint support. If you have something that makes cracking noise, you want this. If you’re an athlete, you want this.  Why? Check out the amazing ingredients in this product:
-Frankincense- general all around good stuff, it supports all the things
-Turmeric- another general support for many, many body systems. Heart, brain, joints. It’s amazing! It’s also known to support your body to steer clear of inflammation.
-Collagen- good for skin & hair as well as supporting joints
-Wintergreen- supports muscles and bones (main oil in PanAway)
-Copaiba- helps support the body’s natural response to inflammation
-Black Spruce- has cortisone-like properties and supports bones and joints
-Black Pepper- contains piperine, known to DRAMATICALLY increase the absorption and supportive effects of turmeric!

This month is also special because a new promo tier has been added!


Everything included with the 300 PV promo, plus…

Yep- that’s right! The beloved unicorn oil. I’m sooo excited to be able to get Valor for FREE! Not sure what all the fuss is about?<

Check out the details here for the scoop on why this is such a big deal 🙂

This month is amazing for Young Living members!  Make sure you get as much FREE stuff as you can and take advantage of the new tier to get your Valor on!  For those who are not members yet, feel free to contact me for details on how to get started so you, too, can benefit from these and start your own wellness journey 🙂

To your Wellness,

Constance Marie

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